Indulge yourself with delicious spreadable goodness! Made with only organic & locally sourced ingredients, our plant-based spreads deliver rich flavour without the guilt. Enjoy on any sweet or savoury food, from fruits to oats, smoothies, breads, desserts, salad dressings, soups and sauces or just by itself. Blend our butter with some water to create instant coconut milk.

Our products are always 100% organic even before we have the official organic certification.

Coconut Butter


70% dehydrated coconut • 20% cacao nibs • Vegan

Coconut Butter


Made from 100% dehydrated coconut • No additives • Plant-based

Coconut Butter


Dehydrated coconut • Cinnamon • Vainilla • Naturally Gluten Free

Please visit our locations page to find out specific stores that currently sell our coconut butter. For now we are just available in Costa Rica, but one day we hope to be in your country too!

Coconut butter is a whole food, like biting into a fresh piece of coconut meat. Coconut oil is just fat, with all the fiber, natural carbohydrates and proteins removed. Our coconut butter is stone ground dried whole coconut meat. Our butter is more of a condiment, where coconut oil is something to cook with.

We believe our coconut butter is a healthy treat so go wild and enjoy! A single serving is 2 tablespoons but if you’re hungry there is no issue with eating more!